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Mojo Surf Zinc In Brown

Mojo Surf Zinc In Brown

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Mojo Surf Zinc in Brown is our number 1 best seller for good reason. Smooth to apply longlasting protection from the elements, making it the perfect outdoor companion.

Here are some more reasons you’ll absolutely love the zinc.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made from the highest quality, natural, ingredients.
  • Completely edible (if you’re game)
  • The number 1 defence against crows feet
  • Comes in a large (60g tub) and a smaller (25g tub) great for pockets
  • Contains 29% of zinc oxide in every tub, nature’s mineral reflector for UVA & UVB rays
  • Full of nourishing shea, almond and coconut butter so you feel like a tropical dream. Food for your skin
  • Deliciously scented with natural oils
  • Pure Australian beeswax


Tip of the week: Use coconut oil and tissues to remove the zinc, and it moisturisers your skin at the same time. Natural baby or facial wipes work a treat too.