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The Mojo Story

Mojo Surf Zinc was created by one dissatisfied surfer who lost his mojo. Craig 'no-mojo' Munro realised that:

  • Sunscreen is crap for surfing.
  • Sunscreen stings your eyes and makes your hands slippery.
  • Sunscreen clogs your pores and causes zits.

There was just no natural alternative for families and surfers who love to froth all day in the waves.

You can see why Craig lost his mojo, right?

Luckily, he's one resourceful surfie.

Craig created his ideal natural alternative by hand with 100% natural ingredients and 100% friendly for health-conscious families, kids and surfers alike.

Craig got his mojo back!

No Nasties, No hidden surprises, No confusing words, No mineral oil making it 100% Reef friendly.

Let's get serious 

  • Mojo Surf Zinc is Made with love and care in small batches for quality control.
  • It contains 29% of zinc oxide in every tub, nature’s mineral reflector for UVA & UVB rays.
  • 100% natural (and edible if your game).
  • Mojo Surf Zinc creates a barrier between you and the sun, just like wearing a hat.
  • Smooth to apply. Smear it on thin, thick or fully tribal.
  • Stays on loooooong, giving you lasting coverage in and out of the water.
  • Tested on kids not animals.
  • Full of nourishing shea, almond and coconut butter so you feel like a tropical dream. Food for your skin.
  • Contains natural lanolin, no pulling the wool over your eyes.
  • Deliciously scented with natural oils.
  • Made with Pure Australian beeswax.
  • 100% Aussie Clay and oxides. You Beautie!
  • Vegans Rejoice! Yes that's right a Mojo vegan brown Zinc cream has no beeswax or lanolin added. Smooth, long lasting and effective with all the goodness of the Mojo.This Vegan friendly zinc uses a vege soya wax instead. Your welcome.

 When the surfs pumping, the kids want to play ‘til sunset or you want to run another 10 km, Mojo Surf Zinc is perfect for you.

Get your Mojo on!